All about Bog

Bog is a sweet and lovable beaver who, like all beavers, is dedicated to family and hard work.  Bog remembers the special moments growing up amongst the raspberry cane and cherry bark when his entire beaver colony would enjoy the creamy coolness of marshmallowy ice cream made fresh and derived only from nature.  Bog now wants to share this type of ice cream with the rest of the world, as well as introduce other members of the Bog family.  You’ll love his ice cream and the many stories he has to tell.  Ice cream joy to all!

Beaver Bog is the creation and property of S. E. Williams


About the Owner

Real-dairy soft serve ice cream is difficult to find these days, so in 2014, Ryan Williams  decided to combine his passion for authentic soft serve with his love for writing music by creating Beaver Bog’s Ice Cream.  His daughter, Sydney, pitched in with her adorable beaver characters, including Beaver Bog.  Williams believes the combination can’t help but bring joy to the child’s heart in everyone.  For more on Williams’ music background, view the photo section on Facebook page.

About the Ice Cream

Williams makes frequent trips to a local farm to acquire the most pure, natural, and organic mix available.  Using a customized soft serve machine enables that fresh ice cream be made daily on premise.  The result is the creamiest and tastiest ice cream possible, reminiscent of the silky-rich frozen custards once found at theme parks like Coney Island, NY, but with half the fat of most ice cream.  Williams hopes everyone can experience the way soft serve was originally created to be experienced.

Philanthropic Mission

Beaver Bog’s philanthropic mission is to assist and contribute to charitable efforts that help parents and families dealing with the serious illness of, or loss of, a child.  There is no greater concern to a parent than the health and well being of their child.  There also is no greater distress than the loss of a child.  We hope to to make an uplifting difference to those facing these challenges.

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